How to Get Rewarded Using Blockchain eSports Platform

How to Get Rewarded Using Blockchain eSports Platform?

Yes, sure! Getting paid for doing your favorite activity is what a lot of people dream about, and we would like to tell you about one cool tool which lets users earn rewards while they play different games.

Here it is: RewardMob is a mobile eSports loyalty platform integrated with Blockchain technology, which allows players to play their favorite games to earn rewards. Inside these rewards can be prizes, tokens or points that help you move up the tournament leaderboard.

At the end of the tournament RewardMob pays out the winners with cool prizes from the sponsors and RewardMob tokens, and players can earn bonus points and tokens by interacting with the advertising partners.

How exactly does it work?

RewardMob is a new platform for mobile gamers to earn rewards for playing their favorite mobile games. Rewards are earned by reaching milestones in RewardMob-supported games which can then be opened in the RewardMob app for instant-win prizes, cash, RMOB crypto currency or points to climb the respective game’s leaderboards — where there is even more opportunity to win.


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